Kinder Heart Foundation

Kinder Heart Foundation was established for nurses, by nurses.  Our motto, “For the Love of Nurses,” drives our dual mission.  Our first mission is to provide free or low-cost housing for RN students.  Our second mission is to provide networking, support, and love to the active RN and Student RN communities.  The student housing crisis here in California is alarming due to the cost of housing hitting all-time highs of $20,000+ per year.  Furthermore, the number of college students living in a car or homeless is unacceptable (  As a community, how dare we let our future RNs struggle for the basics of living! How can we steal the dignity of those who will one day care for us in our darkest times?  Kinder Heart Foundation cannot sit idly by any more.  WE ARE TAKING ACTION!

Here is our story:  As we sat at home and watched the news during the great pandemic of 2020, we saw the true dedication of countless health care providers.  It was the RNs who truly touched our hearts–particularly since one of our founders is a RN.  During the trying times of the pandemic, Kinder Heart Foundation evolved into a reality.  It is our goal to make the life of nurses better.  We want to give back to nurses to show our thanks in a meaningful and impactful way.  Kinder Heart Foundation achieves these goals in a variety of unique and fun ways.

As a fully-recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization, we purchased our headquarters in Old World Village, Huntington Beach, California–also known as Surf City USA.  We offer several exciting programs for active RNs, nursing students, and the community in general.  All of our facilities are open to the public, and we offer top-notch shops and services.

Our shops and services include a flower shoppe, event and party design studio, a “For the Love of Nurses” art gallery, a snack bar, unique gifts, huge discounts throughout California for RNs, and so much more!  Of course, we also offer free and low-cost housing for RN students.  Our goal is to help RNs relax, enjoy life, network with other RNs, and feel appreciated for their dedication to helping others in an environment surrounded by folks who LOVE nurses.  We encourage everyone, RN or not, to visit us Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.–and soon we will be open weekends as well!

We offer an even more exciting benefit:  our free RN and RN Student membership program!  If you qualify, simply fill out the application form on our website under the Membership tab and choose your membership level.  Membership allows you to purchase flowers at wholesale prices; purchase gifts, art, nursing memorabilia, and snacks; attend events and parties; free studying in our gorgeous art gallery and museum; and much more–all at our cost, or in some cases free! 

You may be asking, why even help nurses?  Why not provide support to another important cause?  All great questions with one simple answer:  LOVE.  Nurses are our heroes.  RNs dedicate their lives to our well-being. As a group, they go far beyond any job requirements.  Here at Kinder Heart Foundation, action counts; and everything goes straight to our RN members.  If you love nurses, want to give back to RNs, or you are a RN, please call us at 800-409-7653 or email to find out more!  We are a fully-recognized 501c3 organization.  Your donations are much appreciated and will be put to great use in the RN community!