Kinder Heart Foundation

Kinder Heart Foundation was established for nurses, by nurses.  Our motto “For the love of Nurses” drives our mission.  Our mission is to provide support, community, and networking for all nurses, whether active RN’s, retired RN’s, or RN’s in training (Registered Nurse).   Founded during the great pandemic of 2020, we strive to make the life of nurses better.   We want to give back to nurses as a society and create a community to say thank you in meaningful and impactful ways.  Kinder Heart Foundation achieves these goals in unique and awesome ways.   

For RN’s in training, we offer free student housing.  Yes you heard that right, no catch, just love.  With the average cost of RN student housing at $16,354 per year, something had to be done.   Our headquarters located in Surf City USA, aka Huntington Beach, California, is centrally located to service the RN students at Cal State Long Beach, University of California Irvine, Santa Ana College, and Golden West College.  The Kinder Heart House has accommodations for 12 full time RN students that are amazing!   The accommodations include a gorgeous kitchen, huge hangout areas, high tech computer room for studying, and much more (housing link?).  Our students RN’s will also have access to our Big Sister RN program, resources to assist with scholarships and grants for student nurses, our exclusive RN only membership program, networking, job opportunities, invites to exciting events, experiences, trips, and so much more. Our goal is to create a strong bond and better life experience to all our Kinder Heart RN members.

For Active RN’s, it is through our exclusive membership program that nurses will have access to incredible things at or below cost.  They can enjoy events, experiences, education, clubs, travel, and merchandise along with friends and family.  Our staff will keep nurses up to date on all things available in the area.  Our membership is exclusive for RNs.  You will need an RN license number to join.  Your membership ID card will provide tremendous discounts throughout the Kinder Heart Area.  Furthermore, we hope to create a safe place where RN’s feel comfortable and loved.  We want RN families, individuals, and partners to enjoy each other’s company.  Kinder Heart Foundation achieves this mission and goals with lots of great events, parties, fundraisers, travel clubs, and support.

For Retired RN’s, they get it all.  They have all the benefits of being a member and they can volunteer to help bring this dream alive.  They can pass on their knowledge, stories, support, and humor to the next generation.  The can help transform the lives of many.

So, why Kinder Heart Foundation?? Why pay a stranger’s student housing??  Why give anything extra to RN’s??   Why even help out nurses?  All great questions with one simple answer.  LOVE.  Nurses are our heroes.  As the cost of becoming an RN skyrockets, fewer folks will choose this career path.  To date, it is the largest profession among women.  The educational criteria has also continued to change.  Most hospitals now require RN’s have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  This requirement has added significant cost and time to the RN program.  Is it right to straddle our young healthcare workers with mountains of debt?  These people dedicate their lives to our wellbeing.  If society cannot help take care of nurses, then what do we covet? Every year, more and more RN students drop from the program.  There are many reasons for the drop but financial hardships should not be one of them.  Here at Kinder Heart Foundation, action counts.  If you love nurses, want to give back to nurses, or you are a nurse…   Please call or email to find out more!   We are a fully recognized 501 c3 and your donations are much appreciated.