Our Story


Kinder Heart Foundation has 4 Kinder Heart House chapters with a housing facility. The largest house currently sleeps 28 collegiate members soon to be RN’s.   Kinder Heart Houses operate under our management team. Each Kinder Heart House is associated with a teaching hospital and a University with a RN program and/or a BSN program.   The on site management is done which is comprised of alumnae volunteers near each campus facility along with support staff.

Our Mission:

To provide free housing assistance and to build relationships within the setting of each safe and secure Kinder Heart House chapter allowing our RN students to thrive.

Our Team:

Executive Office staff members, Housing Resource Director Volunteers, and local House Corporations work together to support KHF houses. To learn more about House Corporations or be connected to the Housing Resource Director in your area please contact Housing Coordinator Shannon Smith shannon@khrn.org