Foundation - About Us

We are tremendously grateful for the generous support of our donors, sisters, RN’s, and Foundation friends who make it possible for us to provide free student housing, sisterhood building, low or no cost medical insurance, job placement, membership programs, scholarships, awards and so much more. We provide members with sisterhood, community, educational seminars, and leadership training for collegiate and alumnae RN’s, resources to make life better for new RN’s, funding for new housing, and so much more!

Our last giving year running from July 31, 2020 to July 31, 2021 was a tremendous success. We received more than $169,000 in support from our donors, sisters, RN’s, and Foundation friends, including an amazing $95,000 on our 1st annual day of giving. It was another milestone year, and we couldn’t have done it without the loyal support of our members and friends. Thanks to their generosity, the Foundation was able to provide the following during the 2020-2021 giving year:



  • Purchased our next Kinder House location at University of California Irvine (UCI). We have named the new house (The Kinder UCI House) after the lead donor and partnership now established with UCI and UCI hospital.  Please click the link for more information. The Kinder UCI House
  • After carefully reviewing some 69 applications we have selected 10 nursing students enroll in the Reregistered Nurse program at UCI. These 10 ladies have received full benefits for the next two years.  We are proud to announce the following Kinder Heart Foundation recipients for the 2021-2023 school years.
  • Mary Williams
  • Sara McDougal
  • Tiffany Holt
  • Niki Barnes
  • Rebecca Paige
  • Tiffany Otto
  • Sara Fowler
  • Danielle Sorbo
  • Lynn Ross
  • Roberta Colburn
  • Awarded $2,500 for outstanding RN student 2021 Vision Award.
  • Rose Vember
  • Provided healthcare insurance for our 3 of our active members.
  • Created three additional educational videos on money management and finance.
  • Resources for our undergraduate members in the UCI hospital settings. Guaranteed job placement for sponsoring hospital UCI.
  • Added three additional activities groups for members. Member Activities Groups
  • Added several more strategic partnerships with vendor discounts to members. Member Discounts


Gifts given in support of the Kinder Heart Foundation provide essential resources for Kinder Heart House’s, member benefits, educational, leadership and philanthropic activities. Established in 2020 as a 501(c)(3) organization, the Kinder Heart Foundation accepts tax-deductible gifts to fund a variety of opportunities that benefit Kinder Heart Foundation and its members, as well as the community at large.