The Sanctuaries That Love Built

Since 2020, Kinder Heart Foundation has been committed to serving Kinder Sanctuaries. Over the course of our partnership, Kinder Heart Foundation has contributed more than $16,000.00 to this worthwhile cause. Kinder Heart Foundation supports Kinder Sanctuaries Adoption Houses, Logistics Network Transportation, and Kinder Sanctuaries 4 Animals nonprofit organizations mission whose focus is on animals in need.

Today, 4 Kinder Sanctuaries exist each specializing in a particular animal. Currently, Kinder Sanctuaries 4 Horses, Kinder Sanctuaries 4 Dogs, Kinder Sanctuaries 4 Cats, and Kinder Sanctuaries Tortoise/Turtles are all fulfilling their mission to help animals find permeant housing to live out their lives.  Kinder Sanctuaries achieves this goal by offering them a comfortable, loving adoption facility. Kinder Sanctuaries also offers large open sanctuaries for non-adopted animals to live out their lives.   In addition to donating money to this worthwhile cause, many Kinder Heart Foundation collegiate houses and alumnae associations spend their time and energy volunteering at these sanctuaries. For more information about Kinder Sanctuaries, please visit  their website at

The mission of the Kinder Sanctuaries, Inc. is to provide essential resources for Kinder Heart Foundation House’s educational, leadership and philanthropic activities which improve the lives of women and the communities they serve.

The Foundation supports many programs including:  

  • Scholarships to members enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs
  • Heart Awards
  • Community outreach
  • Leadership training for collegiate and alumnae members